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Could you live without your laptop?

For people like me who literally live on their laptop, the answer to that question is a resounding “no.” I need my laptop to perform the daily tasks of my job, write my school papers, and access the internet for needed research (and from time to time fun as well). Not only is my laptop itself incredibly essential to my day to day life, but the files contained on my laptop are my entire livelihood.

The case may be, perhaps, that your life is not so intertwined in your computer. But odds are if you answered “no” to the question above, your laptop is a valuable piece of your life—and therefore needs to be protected. The wonderful thing about having a laptop computer is that it can be carried anywhere. The downside to this, however, is that it is easily stolen. This is why laptop security is so very important.

Here are some tips to keeping your laptop safe, so that you can be sure that your files, programs, and computer itself will stay safely within your hands—and what you can do if your laptop has been stolen.

Keep an eye on it. I know you’re probably calling me “Captain Obvious” right now, but the fact is that many people walk away from their laptop computers—for whatever reason—and they get taken. If you’re going to run to the bathroom, or have to leave your computer for some other reason, ask someone to keep an eye on it. If you have your laptop in a backpack or briefcase, think about purchasing backpack locks or luggage locks for added security against theft.

Be prepared. Even though I like to believe that most people are inherently good, and would never stoop to doing such a thing as stealing from another, the fact remains that there are thieves out there. Even if you do everything in your power to keep an eye on your belongings, it could still get taken. Understanding this, you should be prepared. Having proper laptop security is absolutely essential. Software such as the Laptop Cop will help you to locate your laptop in the event it is stolen using GPS technology. Software such as this will also allow you to delete or retrieve files from the copter remotely, and monitor what the thief does on your computer.

Prevent identity theft. We hear about it everywhere, and for good reason. Identity theft can be incredibly easy if someone has access to your personal files—unless you take measures to prevent this. Do not save files with your bank account numbers and passwords, or if you do name them differently and have them password locked. Having your computer password locked to begin with is a good idea also. Any lists of accounts and passwords should be hidden, or not kept on the laptop at all. You don’t want to give a thief access to all of your essential accounts.

As you can see, there are measures you can take to protect yourself. Always be conscious of your surroundings in any given area, and don’t leave your laptop unattended. Don’t give potential thieves the opportunity to infiltrate even further into your life by keeping valuable information unavailable. Finally, take a look at the Laptop Cop to make sure a bad situation doesn’t get much, much worse. Remember to always be safe, be prepared, and be secure!

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