Security & Safety

Safety and Security Tips

Tips At Home:

  • If you have a garage, use it
  • Park front-wheel drive models front end first
  • Back rear-wheel drive models into driveways
  • Always lock car doors and set the emergency brake
  • Never leave original vehicle ownership or driver’s license in your car
  • Never hide spare keys in your vehicle. Thieves know where to look.
  • Never place identification tags or address labels on your key ring. Thieves may use them to locate your home or car.
  • Drop a business card or address label down each panel door to assist police in identifying you as the registered owner

Invest in Vehicle Protection:

As an added deterrent to would-be auto thieves, consider The CLUB® line of products:

  • Steering wheel locks for cars and trucks to prevent steering wheels from turning
  • The Wheel Club – Various models for cars, trucks, and ATV’s
  • Brake locks – Prevents clutch or brake pedal from being depressed
  • Tire Claw XL – Prevents wheel from turning, covers lug nuts
  • The CLUB DNA Vehicle Etching System – Trace Marking System is embedded into metal and can ONLY be seen by an Ultra Violet Black Light

Record The Following in A Safe Place:

  • Year, make, model and color of your vehicle
  • License and vehicle identification numbers
  • Serial numbers of any special equipment
  • Any dents or scratches that distinguish your vehicle from others

If Your Vehicle Is Stolen:

  • Report it immediately to the police
  • Provide police with identification and specific information about the vehicle and any valuables contained inside.

Download Additional Resources and Safety Tips: