The Club on Steering Wheel


Every day in the United States, nearly 3000 vehicles are reported stolen. Employ these simple safety and security precautions to protect your vehicle from theft.

Personal Safes


Everyone’s got something to hide. Your personal items, including money, keys, guns, phones, cameras, and jewelry can be protected with our personal security products, including The Club Personal Vault.

Home Security

home security

Don’t lose sleep over the fear of a home break-in. Our home security products, including The Door Club, provide added safety, security, and peace of mind.

Made me a Believer
I wanted to thank you for your product. My car a Mazda 3 was broken into on July 4 2012. A spare key to my 2004 Nissan Frontier was stolen. I could not afford to change all the locks, because that wou… Read more
Bicycle Locks


Whether you’re securing your bicycle, golf cart, motorcycle, airplane, gun, or trailer, our complete line of recreational security products are designed to meet your security needs.

Securing Equipment


Job sites - whether construction, landscaping or home improvements - have unique security needs that require specialized protection gear. Our commercial security products protect your equipment and tools from theft.

Firearm Safety


Reduce accidental or unwanted use of firearms with The Club’s affordable cable and trigger gun locks or secure your handguns in The Club Personal Vault - ideal for home, office or travel.

Travel Accessories


Ensure that your toothbrush and travel documents remain secure - even when you’re away from home - with The Club’s line of luggage locks, cables and portable vault.