Withstand a Hurricane

I’ve been meaning to write you to tell this story for the longest. I am from southeast Louisiana (St. Bernard Parish). I bought the regular Club® for my 93 Nissan NX back in 2003. I would often use it on my mother’s car when I used her car as well.

Well, one weekend back in the summer of 2005, I used it but forgot it in her car. Well, Aug 27th, 2005, my mother evacuates due to Hurricane Katrina and had to leave her car (with my Club®) behind. The car went under about 10 feet of water. When we got back to the car, there was my Club®, a bit muddy and a bit rusty, but I pulled it apart, cleaned it very good with WD-40 in the lock and, I am still using it to this day! So, now you can say The Club® can withstand a Hurricane and still work!

I thought you’d enjoy this story on your excellent product.

Take care and thanks again.

Ronnie N.