The Club really did its job

Last Saturday, someone tried to steal my Honda Civic. They punched out the ignition so they were ready to go, but they had to get through The Club® on my steering wheel. No small feat!

They tried to lever The Club® off the wheel, smashing in the bottom of the wheel but not breaking it. They dented The Club®, but didn’t even come close to getting it off. At that point it looks like they gave up.

I must say that I had mixed feelings when I discovered it. I was angry that they had damaged my car, but elated that they failed to steal it.

As my wife said, “Well, that Club® really did its job”. Best $40 investment I’ve made. My wife got another one yesterday, so we can put it back on the Civic when we get it back from the shop next week.

Thank you for making a great product.

Dan T